Megan Easley-Walsh, Bestselling Author 

The Collectors
(Victorian Mystery in 1872 London)

Inheriting a secret was just the beginning... 
In London in 1872, Amelia Borchardt inherits a seat among a secret society. They call themselves "The Collectors". 
For centuries, they have kept secrets to protect their way of life, their ideals, and England itself. Now someone is watching them, an interloper rises from among the group and Amelia's life is thrown into chaos when everything she thought she knew is challenged and secrets are exposed, which she never knew she held. 

(International Mystery in 19th century Washington D.C.)

In 1884, the world unites but division runs deep... Eliot Story, a journalist from San Francisco, thought that she was traveling to Washington D.C. to cover the International Meridian Conference. Instead, she becomes embroiled in a plot stickier than the humidity of the east. From Africa to France, New York City to secrets buried deep in the past, there is much that Eliot will have to uncover. 

Painted Faces
(Dreaming big on the eve of WWII, Mystery and Suspense)

In 1938, She's yearning to trade in farm dust for Stardom. On the other side of the world, they seek escape. Mystery lurks from the shadowy streets of Budapest, the canvas flaps of tents, and the silver screen. When running to her future and from their past only one place will do. Destination? Hollywood!

Flight Before Dawn
Now a Bestseller!
(WWII Historical Fiction with Mystery and Suspense)
Flight Before Dawn, Award-winning writer, Megan Easley-Walsh, WWII, French Resistance, Normandy, France, D-Day, the Allies
Before there was D-Day...

She thought the French Resistance was the biggest secret of her life. Now she's at the heart of a twenty-five-year-old secret, unearthed by the man who appears on her doorstep. But, he's no stranger. She's had him watched for over two years.
Flight Before Dawn, 5 Star Review, Megan Easley-Walsh, Award-winning writer, historical fiction, WWII, World War Two, Normandy,France, D-Day, Allies, Love Story, Mystery, Suspense, Romance
"It has everything, romance, adventure and subtle humor thrown in. The characters are wonderfully passionate people that will do anything to help the Resistance. This was a fabulous book. Loved it!"

"What a fabulous book! Megan has really brought the French Resistance and WWII to life without having written a history book. "

"The novel tells the story of several members of the French Resistance through the darkest days of the war until their liberation and does a lovely job of evoking the French countryside, the ’40s ethos and the tension of living in an occupied country."

What Edward Heard
(Renaissance Venice to WWI Historical Fiction with Magical Realism)

The Trenches shattered his hearing,
But the Painting will change him Forever.
In Venice in 1566, Francesco paints a portrait of the woman he loves. In 1916, Edward Jamison returns to England from the trenches of the Western Front. Believing that the most life-changing events are behind him, he soon encounters something profoundly more powerful: the portrait of the painted lady. Partly deaf from his injuries in the trenches, he begins to hear the strangest things. 
But, he's not the first.
5 Stars for What Edward Heard, Historical Fiction, Magical Realism, WWI, Renaissance, Venice, Huguenots, New World, Award-Winning Writer, Megan Easley-Walsh

"What Edward Heard is an exciting collection of stories about individuals whose lives are intertwined across time and place. When I read this book, I felt as if I was standing in the trenches of World War I, sailing into London’s harbor and the new world, and delving into other life-altering events within the characters’ lives. As you read this book, be ready to travel across time and location as you live through the events of ordinary people who experience something quite extraordinary."

"This book was a great read that really spanned a lot of space and time. If you enjoy fiction that is not simply localized in one location and one time then this is the book for you. Top stuff."

North Star Home, Christian Historical Fiction, Historical Romance, Love Story, Old West, Western Frontier, Award-Winning Writer Megan Easley-WalshNorth Star Home
(Inspirational Historical Love on the Frontier)

Ann Scarlet is no thief, but when the Yankee sheriff catches her she might just steal his heart. 

Ann Scarlet has a single goal when journeying from her home in Savannah to Red River Rocks Falls, Nebraska in 1875: find Whitaker and get back the land deed he stole from her brother. It seems simple enough, until Sheriff Crambert finds her with her hands full of money as she rifles through a pile of land deeds.
5 Star review, Goodreads, North Star Home, Historical Fiction, Old West, Historical Romance, Christian Romance, Christian Historical Fiction
"I really had a great time reading this book. I enjoyed how the characters interacted and developed during the novel. A well paced story that keeps the reader interested and engaged."

Across the River
(18th Century Tale of Suspense and Love that knows no limit)

For her, he'd go to the ends of the earth. When she disappears, he might have to.

In the English countryside in 1774, Caleb Haroldson and Rebecca Turrington are destined to be together. Stealing her inheritance to fund the life of her choosing with Caleb seems like an easy enough task for Rebecca, as she schemes with him beside the river late one night. But Rebecca is not the only one making plans for her future. Both sides of the Atlantic are poised to erupt and everywhere lurks the haunting phrase "Across the River."

"This is a great historical novel that I had the pleasure of reading an advanced copy of. I really enjoyed the mystery that unfolded and found it an exciting and engaging read. For lovers of mystery and history, I'd recommend this :)"

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